Happy Birthday Clayton

Clayton feels things deeply. He’s so sweet and tender, constantly telling me the sweetest things about how much he loves me. His hugs are genuine and given frequently. He’s also the child whose feelings are the most easily hurt. As his mom, it breaks me when I see his pain. I wish I could hold him forever and protect him from the harshness of the world.

For his birthday, we didn’t do a lot since we had a joint party for him and Norah a few weeks after, but we couldn’t let the day go by without some gift opening and cake eating.



Summer Nights

Nothing tops good friends, melty popsicles, and perfectly warm evenings.


Norah the Dancer

Watching Norah’s face light up as she performs on stage makes my momma heart so proud. This was her second year in dance class and the recital makes all the carpooling and tears (seriously, when you pull a five-year-old away from their friends in the middle of play time, there will be tears) totally worth it. And by the end of the recital Norah’s already excitedly talking about next year.


Ian’s Second Birthday

I have never met a happier child than Ian. With a constant grin on his face, he goes around brightening everyone’s day with his infectious laughter and crazy antics. My dad likes to say, “Ian and a chair can get anywhere” because Ian is a problem solver. If something is out of his reach, he doesn’t whine or complain or ask for help, he simply drags a chair over to where he wants to be. The sound of our kitchen chairs dragging across the tile has become a sound we can’t ignore because it usually means he is up to no good. But when he flashes his wide smile and looks at you with his big blue eyes, it’s impossible to be mad.

We celebrated Ian’s second birthday on April 22 with friends, family, and a giant cake. Since “Happy Birthday” is Ian’s favorite song, we sang to him multiple times and let him blow out his candles multiple times.


Norah + Owen

Norah wanted a sister. Norah REALLY wanted a sister. When the kids came to the hospital to meet Owen for the first time Clayton exclaimed, “he has short hair! It’s a boy!” To which Norah quickly replied that all babies have short hair and it could still be a girl. We told her that he is, in fact, a boy. Then she looked at Jason and said, “are you sure? Can you check again?”

But despite being yet another brother, Norah adores Owen. These pictures were taken two and a half months ago and I can’t believe how much he’s grown since then.


Memorial Day Fun

Nothing rings in summer like a day at the pool with good company and good food. And yes, Norah basically owns it in front of the camera, so how could I resist photographing her? And then I put the camera away and enjoyed myself.


Owen’s Blessing

There are few things more tender than a baby blessing. We loved being surrounded by friends and family as Jason gave Owen a name and a blessing in church on Sunday, May 15. He blessed Owen to be kind like Norah, brave like Clayton, and faithful like Ian.


Easy like Thursday Morning

Listen. We all know that whomever wrote “Easy Like Sunday Morning” was clearly not a parent with a gaggle of little children trying to make it to 9 am church. However, Thursday mornings are pretty easy around here. IanWaterTableblog-1IanWaterTableblog-2IanWaterTableblog-3IanWaterTableblog-4IanWaterTableblog-5IanWaterTableblog-6IanWaterTableblog-7

Getting Ready

I didn’t want your typical, glamorized version of lifestyle photos. I didn’t want it to look like a photographer just showed up and there we were, all done up and impeccably dressed, playing with a baby. Some of my most treasured (and hectic) moments as a mom is when we’re all in my room showering and getting ready for the day and Samantha Kelly captured the moments and feelings perfectly.

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